A letter from our founder..

Dear Friends,

I always took my health for granted. In order to overcome my chronic sinusitis and psoriasis, I took regular courses of steroids and antibiotics, only to realize fifteen years later that I was stuck in a vicious cycle. Nobody told me that my food and lifestyle choices were responsible for my health problems. 

Empowered with the healing knowledge of our Vedas, I started changing what I ate and how I lived. Not only did all my diseases completely disappear but it also filled me with a renewed sense of enthusiasm to live and celebrate life.

Having experienced such a profound shift, I now feel that it is my responsibility to share these timeless laws of healing with you. This led to the birth of Vedary.

Our purpose at Vedary is one - to provide you with deep healing wisdom of our Vedas so you can reverse any health problem naturally. You can now meet the top-rated, most experienced and most caring natural health practitioners from anywhere in the world at the comfort of your home through online video. 

I invite you to schedule a call with our team and begin your own healing journey.



Harshvardhan Saraf


Email : hello@vedary.com

Phone : +91 79000 07351

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