Dr. Shailendra Chaubey

Head Ayurvedic Doctor

Dr Shailendra is a passionate Ayurvedic doctor with over 15 years of experience. He has been able to help hundreds of people reverse ailments ranging from diabetes, high blood pressure, skin disorders, autoimmune and even psychosomatic disorders. 

He is life coach to many who have experienced new levels of clarity, upliftment, health and personal empowerment through his gifts of teaching and healing. 

He offers Ayurveda consultations, energy healing classes and private sessions. He has also trained teachers for Effects of Yogic practices on Human Anatomy and Physiology.


His gentle approach and unconditional love provide the perfect space for one to heal psychosomatic issues. The Medical Director at VEDARY, he is championing holistic healing in a big way in India. 


  • Certified Graduate in Ayurvedic Medicine 

  • Certified in Chakra and Energy Healing

  • Certified in Marma Healing


Fluent in English, Hindi and Sanskrit


  • Psoriasis

  • All skin disorders

  • Hairfall

  • Hypothyroid

  • Excess weight or Obesity

  • Diabetes

  • PCOD/ Fibroids

  • Arthritis

  • Asthma

  • Allergies

  • Bronchitis

  • Piles

  • IBS

  • Depression


Your sessions will include: 

  1. Constitutional Analysis - Understanding your constitution (prakruti)

  2. Root Cause of Disease – Understanding the root cause of your health problems, whether they are physical, mental or emotional, through a series of specific questions.

  3. Dietary changes – Selecting proper food groups which support your constitution and reverse the imbalances, so that your body can self-heal.

  4. Lifestyle changes – Guiding in the proper selection of exercise and lifestyle routine/rituals that support your constitution.

  5. Detoxification methods - Providing you with all tools needed to self-cleanse/detox, and to reduce dependency on medicines/pills, to be self-sufficient in choosing home remedies to deal with symptoms.

  6. Results check: We work together until we both agree that you have achieved your desired state/outcome.


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"I was suffering from severe allergic crises on my face and lips, plus insomnia, depression and joint pain. Having visited several conventional medical specialists with no results, I didn’t know where to start! 

I came across Dr. Shailendra who suggested me a course of treatment specifically designed to address my emotional and health issues. 

After a few sessions, I noticed my skin and lip allergies cleared up completely. My joints became more supple and my sleeping patterns improved significantly. I can't thank him enough."

- Claudia Mpey, 56

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"I had been suffering from chronic urticaria and itching for last 3 years, I consulted more than 5 Allopathic doctors, but no one was able to help me in-spite of many tests. I was constantly scratching my body and scalp and had to leave my job as the medicine made me drowsy. I was able to cure this 3 years of agony in 3 months with the help of Dr Shailendra.

Vedary gave me a fresh lease of life and Dr Shailendra came as an angel to me. He understood the root cause of my problem and his treatment did wonders. I have healed internally, physiologically and mentally."

- Divya Singh, 24


"I was suffering from anxiety, depression and panic attacks and I thought I will have to take medicines and continue my life. It was this preconceived notion that got broken in my very first session with Shailendra ji. I took charge of all aspects of my life, from my food to my sleep to the choices I make. I not only cured the anxiety but also felt empowered because I became more conscious and aware about every decision of my life."

- Bharat Ranka, 29


"Dr Shailendra has been absolutely Brilliant and accurate with all his human diagnostics.


He really helped me understand my body and my mind. It took me a little while to understand the treatment because I wanted instant result. He slowly and surely taught me how to breath first and release unwanted negative emotions which we tend to store in our body which then becomes a storehouse inviting all kinds of inflammations in your body


.It was an absolutely exhilarating experience for me and I benefited a lot. I am very grateful for Dr. Shailendra valuable advise and the treatment."

- Sangeeta Mahimutra, 51, Mumbai


Speak to a Vedary team member to book your consult with Dr. Shailendra


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Phone : +91 79000 07351

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